Monday, January 30, 2017

Fresh Start for the Week

 I wore them all day and they stayed put!  No slipped heel, no twisting-what a wonderful fit and surprise for me as I had a very low expectation for them!
I will be making more, just watch!
This morning Bill finished spackling and texturing the sheetrock so we can paint tomorrow! 
 We moved the cupboard away from the fridge (so he could work and so we could get a visual on my idea) but we aren't sure it is going to work for us........stay tuned.
If all goes according to plan, we will be ripping up the floor when we are done with the painting!
 I traced the outline for the snowflakes from one of the Accuquilt dies (ran a piece of cardboard through to get a stencil!) and then loaded up the cardinal wall hanging and got right to work!
It didn't take too long (1 1/2 hrs) to get it finished-very exciting!
I will bind it tomorrow in between the remodels! lol
This is what supper time looks like at our house.  We have two more cats but one isn't social and eats quite solitarily and the other won't touch canned food!  There are dishes of dry food throughout the house/garage  but these four are regulars for the canned food feast twice a day!
Lena likes being part of her posse!


  1. Your cardinal quilt is STUNNING!

  2. Happy to see I am not the only one with a herd of cats. That's what my kitchen looks like twice a day also.
    Good luck with that remodel job. I was just about to do the bathroom when the cars died so I am set back at least until spring now. Boooo...

  3. Great socks - shorties are my favourite!

  4. oh my goodness I love that sock yarn! What is it ? They are fab :)

  5. Your sock finish is FANTASTIC!!!
    I love seeing the felines lined up for supper time. I only have four. That's what I say when people ask how many cats I have. Well, only 4.


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