Thursday, January 12, 2017


 Isn't this the sweetest little lap blanket?!
 It has been a bit of a week-we burst an old lead pipe under the sink.  (This is Bill's pic of the hole he had to chip out of the cement block under the sink so he could repair it.
While it was hard for us to reach, it wasn't hard for the water to leak under the cupboards and into our flooring.
I will save that saga for another day.
 This is how I did dishes this the tub!  
At least it wasn't in the creek!
 I tried out a new Accuquilt die called LeMoyne Star.
It looked complicated but when you broke down the components, it was very enjoyable!
These blocks will be made using scraps from the stash with the others doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge with Angela on her blog.  This month's color is purple!  I'm working on my drawing plan but wanted to jump in and get lost sewing with the week we've had!)
 Four little blocks sewn together and I had it!
Bill finished the plumbing job just in time to make dinner!
It was so nice to work in a kitchen with water and a drain!
He even saved the pieces he had to cut out of the back of the cabinet so he could put them back.
I cannot begin to mention the blessing of having a handy husband!
(Oh, and during one of the trips to the hardware store for supplies, the car battery died.
Bill got a 'jump' from a helpful stranger and went and bought a new battery for it.
My Dad came and put it in for Bill so he could stay on course with the drain pipe!
What a day!


  1. Lena is just so very adorable. I love it when cats tuck their faces in for naptime!

    The new quilt block is very striking. Nice.

    Hooray for victory with the drain pipes! Big sigh of relief.

  2. Dishes in the tub are no fun. I wash the outside kitties bowls in the downstairs tub and it's a chore to get on their level anymore.

  3. What a sweet, sweet kitty. Love your new quilt block. And...with everything you've had going on, it sounds like it is definitely weekend time! Enjoy.

  4. Oh my gosh! When the troubles rain down, they rain down in BUCKETS! Glad everything is all fixed up now and you can concentrate on "funner" things like quilting.

  5. oh, one of those weeks, was it?:( having no water and no drain in the kitchen is a pain - and yes, I agree with having a "handy" husband! wouldn't know what to do otherwise here.... good thing that you can take your mind off that rubbish - either with a cute cat or your projects:)

  6. Those stars are going to be pretty for the RSC! I would definitely needing sewing time after your my hideaway!

  7. What a time for everything to break. It is nice to have a handy husband. Accuquilt is really handy for putting those craps to use. The blocks turned out perfect.

  8. Here here! I love my handy husband too. For years I gave him TOOLS he wanted for Christmas. Money well spent. I dont think our old house would have sold for nearly what it did if he hadn't been such a good caretaker of it. Love a stash challlenge of any kinds!

  9. Sorry about your plumbing leak, but those blocks are going to be FANTASTIC!!!


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