Monday, August 28, 2017

A Pair of Calicos

 My grand daughter needed a pair of Tuxie Love socks 
to honor her kitty, Mindy, a big Maine Coon Calico!  
My 'little' grand daughter is 13 now and tall and slender as her mom; 
 the socks are size 8 1/2!
 the paw prints are cute little calico prints on her toes and....
on the heels. 
 Yeah, I see the prints don't match exactly...
..these things happen when you knit late at night.  
I chose to overlook it.  So there.

The yarn is Dramatique colorway in the Alley Cat base. 
 2.50mm needles over 56 stitches


  1. Another adorable pair!!! I love it in the stripes.

  2. Great socks. My neice is 13 and she's almost in a size 10 shoe! She's very upset because when she was younger, she had great plans to raid my shoe collection... but I'm a 7.5... she fit in them for about 5 minutes!

  3. Excellent finish! Why should the paws match, they are calico cats. My Mom had some beautiful calico barn cats over the years. Each one was a beauty.

  4. such lovely colours and the little paw prints are sooooo cute :)

  5. Those are super cute!!! Oh my gosh. None of her friends will have those !!! I'd never put them in a shoe

  6. They are ADORABLE!!!

  7. Abigail is going to go bonkers over these!!! As for the slight variation in paw print matches Mindy's personality perfectly, don't you think?! If you wanted her to put her paws somewhere all lined up, she would seemingly cooperate sweetly but then quietly shift one paw, in her loveable passive-aggressive way, just to remind you who's boss!!! Perfect!


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