Saturday, August 19, 2017


I enjoyed several hours in the studio today!
Not only did I accomplish a bunch of pile sorting and finishing up, 
but I tried a new pattern and turned it into a skirt.
Unfortunately, I was sidetracked by the sizing-
why do our sewing patterns have to be so different 
from the off-the-rack sizing numbers?!!!    
According to their directions, the skirt only overlapped a little bit-
I am not the slit up to the thigh kind of girl, 
so I cut the LONG skirt I had planned to make 
and made it a knee length one 
so that I could have a proper overlap-the whole front!
Now to figure out how to wash it because of the long ties!
I also modified the Sawtooth star block 
and made the center a whole piece
 so the fabric was more evident-I like the results!
And in the evening, I finished knitting another mosaic stitch 
basket weave dishcloth!  A satisfying day!


  1. You are a finishing machine! Lovely skirt. LOVE the dishcloth

  2. Well done on all projects. Try washing the skirt in a pillowcase - just fold over the top safety pin several times.

  3. Amazing day! I don't know how you did it. Especially the skirt.

  4. I hear you on sizing.. I'm normally a 16-18 in the stores, but I have to do a 22-24 in sewing patterns!

    I like that saw-tooth star.. I'll keep that in mind for my next quilt!

  5. I love that skirt! I used to be a big fan until one day I noticed I didn't have a middle anymore!

  6. You skirt is just perfect, the right amount of coverage and the perfect thing to wear in Florida.


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