Friday, August 25, 2017

Bees Early in the Morning

 The binding is finished on the hexagon quilt;  it was a good project and used up most of these two old fabrics!
 Yup, kid approved!
The bee panto was just the right touch if a bit too subtle in my thread choice!
 Early morning beauty out my studio sliding glass door. 
Another early morning kind of beauty-Peppa Pig for snuggly pajama-ed boys!


  1. A perfect kid sized quilt. I am not sure how you are getting anything done after chasing around the grands!

  2. I lovely quilt... and I like subtle quilting - it's like a secret surprise for when you get up close!

  3. That quilt is great - even better with a grand on it! Great morning shot out your studio window!

  4. What is is about laundry baskets that delight little ones? So cute.

  5. I love the photos in this post! Your quilt inspector certainly takes his work seriously.

  6. OMGosh .............kid in a laundry basket!!! Too cute!

    The quilt is very nice too! But, OHHHHHHHHH how that boy made me laugh!

  7. When my older two were little they always sat in the laundry basket. You just brought back so many memories for me! Fabulous quilt my friend.

  8. I love a little one in PJ's. Zach had some with firetrucks on them. I MAY have saved them. They were the cutest. Your quilt is so happy looking

  9. The quilt came out great, but the supervisor steals the thunder in that photo! I just have to grin at your early-morning and I have always been polar opposites about the joys of early rising! 😁


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