Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finding Home Good

 BoyWonder has started K-4! 
 How exciting is that!?!  
In my spare time,  I'm loving the Mosaic Stitch!  
I finished this one up and cast on another!  
 The beehive quilt is finally getting some stitching done-how appropriate to use a flying bee as the quilting design?!
And this creature was found by the swingset this afternoon-it was already dead so it was easy to have a good inspection of it!  (Cicadas are very loud this time of year here!  Think the screech trill of a science fiction ray gun and you will get the idea!)


  1. So, THAT'S what is making all the noise up in the trees! (I've never seen one before.)

    Hope BoyWonder has a great year in pre-K.

  2. Daughter loved cicadas and always had a pocket full of dead ones when she was a kid. I had to be careful not to put them in the washing machine along with her clothes. We don't see them very often anymore but I can still hear them out in the woods.

  3. This Cicadas have been singing like crazy here. By the end of the month they will be silent though. Its always lucky when you can catch a glimpse of one!

  4. My first teaching job was in a small town that was invaded by cicadas that filled the air with their seemingly unending noise. I had forgotten about that memory.

    Best wishes to your little scholar.

  5. Oh just look at that little boy haircut and he's concentrating so hard!

  6. Ooooh boy, am I missing those little stinkers! Glad he was excited to start school. I love cicada noise -- very cool that you found one perfect for inspection!

  7. Oh yes, our cicadas are quite loud. I remember one year my niece's daughter collected dead ones to add to a salad my Mom was making - lol. She was so disappointed that my Mom wouldn't use them.

  8. BoyWonder is looking so much older. Good luck with the new school year.


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