Wednesday, August 9, 2017

If Words...

 ..could be seen, they would look like smiles and hugs and stories that fill rooms and hearts!  Instead I will show you some of the projects are hand are busy with while we share words!  I showed Mom how to make the Sunburst Granny Square.  I used a bigger hook than she but we made the blocks and now she has one for a blanket and the other for a pattern!
 We have also been learning how to do Mosaic knitting-I finally got the gist of it and Mom had to rip hers out for a redo but she is well on her way now!  This is the hashtag pattern from an old issue of Creative Knitting Magazine.
 We had a visit from the newest family member-little Hannah was wearing the new outfit from me and her pearls while girl talking with great grandma!
Both of our Scrubby Cotton dishcloths (washcloths) are finished!  
And to round out the day, we experimented with a new crochet idea for using up scraps-the single crochet, chain one is simple but gives a nice woven look.
It's great to have two heads to bounce designs back and forth!


  1. Great projects but that adorable!

  2. I love how you and your Mom are crocheting and knitting together!

    Hannah is a cutie. It looks like she's going to be tall.

  3. I love the intergenerational posts. Hannah looks so cute in YOUR gift . Your stitching is amazing.

  4. Looks like everyone is having fun! Adorable little one in her cute onesie.

  5. I love that last crochet pattern. That is going to be amazing.

    Your granddaugter is adorable!!!! Love her grammy-made dress.


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