Friday, December 28, 2007

Home Again

Hope y'all had a nice visit with the people who matter to you over Christmas-even if it was not in person-phone calls and e-mails do bridge the distances, too! We are back in FL--we missed the sunshine and warm temps!

Here is the skein of yarn I dyed for each of us-hers is a bit different-only 3 sections of colors and her sock is knitting up with a spiral pattern of color-mine is just little bits of color-I learn something new every time I dye-its great. I am finishing up the socks that we started for Christmas-she was making good progress on her first pair-tho she kept knitting it inside out..........I will investigate the psychology of that!

New furniture arrived yesterday-sure was a challenge to arrange the room but I think we have it for now-in the future, the window behind the couch will be a doorway to the new addition so I will have to make some think?!

The cats approve, too, and that is a good sign!

We both fell asleep in our recliners last was a lot of work moving stuff around and we are retired, you know!

Today I will finish de-cluttering the piles we moved out of the new space, finish knitting the second sock, spin some of my birthday fiber of Merino and Tussah silk from the McKees, laundry and probably will have to spend some time cooking because Bill says he is starting to diet for the new year but it isn't time yet..............HA-have you had that conversation before?!
This will come as no surprise to many of you, Bill has a fascination for weather patterns and for years has called us to let us know about the Doppler status of our area....he takes his weatherman duties pretty seriously and so his kids bought him a very hi-tech weather system...the smile says it all!


  1. Hey, knitting it inside out gives the same end result, but reduces the twisting of my cable. After you left, I rebelliously turned it inside out again and am knitting that way with a smug smile on my face. =) Can't wait to see some of the Merino/Tussah spun.

    Your new room looks wonderful!!!

    We miss you all...

  2. I love the furniture. Tell Mr. M. I got something similar for Christmas from my family as I complain I can do a better job than the tv weatherman if I had the proper tools so they're waiting to see if I make good on it.

  3. Your blog keeps me from feeling so separated from you! Love Mom


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