Saturday, December 1, 2007

'Tis the Season.........

Our usual markers for the passing of time and the arrival of the Christmas season are different......we are working on making new ones that we will remember-always a challenge! We decided that Dec 1st will be put up the tree day...boys up for Caleb's early birthday celebration so we did this with more their help---->
This tree looks like the 'real' one we have cut down each year but this one is a perpetual tree........I had it up in minutes(prelit) improved in my estimation immediately! I now get to make a new tree skirt....hopefully will be done by next week!

Bill surprised me with a Poinsettia-it has already lost most of the leaves.......I have a love/hate relationship with this flower-the good news down here-I will plant it after Christmas-outside and it will grow and so I win!

I sewed some Christmas accessories for the boys..........for my young men (Caleb at 21 is no longer a boy...I need to make the verbal shift!) When I asked them if they were going to decorate they said only if they didn't have to put out any money. I had these in my closet to sew some day-what a perfect opportunity and the amazing fact is that I found them! It required hours and a strong son to find the big box of decorations in the portable garage but he perservered! I had plenty of extras to share from that, too, so they left with an apt's worth of stuff!
The weather is really warm still, very easy to put up some outside lights on the front porch-Jared called while I was putting them up to say that it was snowing for them, here, Bill and other sons were playing golf-shorts and polo shirt-you see why we are having to make some new seasonal markers! We will catch on and Lord willing, will have years to learn the signs!

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