Friday, November 30, 2007


It was very exciting to knit this up-but there are too many negative points to keep it-I am going to 'rippit' as soon as I am done with this post!


Because....It is too long in shape-need to remove some of the rows in the spacing, not of the chart work. It is too wide-I like the dimensions of the smaller size after looking at this knit up. I don't like the ribbing the pattern calls for-k3p1-it rolls up and won't lay flat like a k2p2 rib does and it doesn't hug the head like I think it should--------->3 strikes; you're out!

I do like the colors but even there I learned that I need to use the dye board a bit differently-I wrapped the yarn in only one row repeats....I need to wind it at least 3 rows worth of color so I don't get a varigated color pattern when I really want a stripe pattern--I will remedy that on the next batch!
It was such a delight to knit I am not discouraged to do so again....however ripping it out will not be as much fun 'cuz I do not carry yarn more than 3 sts worth on the back-see will mean I could use another pair of hands to help with the untwisting......Bill will hold a wrapped skein on his hands for me to wind in into a ball when I am away from my skein winder but I can't picture him involved in this activity!
I will keep you posted! (sorry for the pun!)

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  1. If you can wait that long, I know someone who would be happy to help you untangle!

    The colorwork itself is so pretty.


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