Saturday, November 24, 2007


Saturday is good for putter jobs and finishing up projects that got side-tracked during the week. Here is a mending job that makes me smile....this is a pair of my pants that fit well but they are just that 'little bit too short' to feel good.........I have finally found a solution-I cut the pants off 2" up from the finished hem, I measured the grossgrain ribbon ( 1 1/4" wide) to fit the pant leg width and seamed it, tapering it a bit narrower at the bottom, and then topstitched it 1/4" over the top of the pant leg with a very small zigzag stitch(for Designer SE owners it is the A5 stitch). I then lined up the seam with the bottom portion I had cut off and VOILA! the pants are just a bit longer and now also very cool!
I picked the ribbon color to match my 2 most often worn colors, brown and teal but your choices are only limited by the color choice at your local fabric/craft shop!


  1. This post reminds me of the story your mother loves to tell about you at a very young age, cutting up garments and re-making them more to your's definitely one of your gifts!!!

    These look great!

  2. What a great solution. Now if I can only sew in a straight line, I'll really be doing good. FYI-I recently made a skirt (with my mother's help!) We had quite a riot at my sewing abilites or lack therefore. It makes me thankful for the people who make sewing look so easy! -Sarah Brock

  3. Now that is just so wonderful. Way better than the whole "add lace to the bottom thing." It also makes sure that you can buy pants off the clearance rack that are petite sized and a good deal (there always seems to be alot where I shop) and fix them. I wonder how that would work making shorts that are "too short" longer... Don't say it Marsel.


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