Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We had quite a surprise when we went to our beach (Matanzas River outlet) the ramp to drive onto the beach was closed! We drove north to the next ramp and then drove back to our favorite spot down the beach-it was pretty empty so we only had to dodge a few beach walkers! This is the scene when we arrived-30' of dune and beach gone........even the last of the boardwalk was gone. It is an awesome reminder of the power of our God as His hand wrought this creation a few weeks ago with a Nor'easterner that sat off the shore for a week! I want to know if the ocean ever gives back the sand-it looks like it is sitting about 50' out in the water in the form of a sandbar right now.
We were able to reap a treasure in conch shells.......this is the most we ever found in one day. We do love to walk the shore and we were alone most of this visit-a nice bonus! The water is at 70 degrees right now and the air temp was about 78-we enjoyed a picnic lunch and each others company.............................

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  1. Wow -- it looks so different! It will be very interesting to see how the seascape changes over the next season or will have to do a photo-series every month from that spot so we can all watch.

    So did Dad actually go in the water at that temp or did he chicken out?!


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