Monday, November 26, 2007

Set 2 of 2 and Thinking Out Blog

Finished up the second headband and fingerless gloves set.............I ran out of yarn as I was binding off...short by 18"! After setting it down and leaving it last night I had the solution....spin up an almost match...remember this is out of the Mystery Batt and that is gone...............but I did have a stash of merino sampler fibers and sure enough, I found a close enough match to spin up a few yards to bind off and sew up the seam! There is great satisfaction in overcoming an obstacle no matter how small!
This was a great way to unwind after having to play with cars today with my DH. Since the boys are no longer living here I am demoted to car tow-er, car follower (to make sure it doesn't stall on test drives) and car driver (to drive one when he is in the 'new' car and SOMEONE has to drive the old car home! I thought this was adventureous when we were dating(34yrs ago) is no longer my idea of adventure--I think DH has planned this so I will concede that we need a car hauling trailer...........I had previously resisted the expense but today I whole heartedly agree-Yes, buy one and let me ride shotgun with him-now that is an adventure I am willing to take on! (I will just happen to be knitting all the way!)
Another new wrinkle to retirement-Bill is home for every Monday Night Football! It is good to knit or spin to I must admit; there are instant replays when I miss a particularly good play and I don't have to pay too much attention to what is going on while still enjoying DH's company. I am kinda looking forward to it even, and last week even offered advice for the next play and Bill stopped watching to exclaim, "Hey, you're talking strategy with me about football!" I have been deep in thought about it all week. I think he felt like I do when he notices and comments on one of my projects all on his own without my prompting. In marriage, some things grow on you and others are thrust upon you in a kind of sink or swim mode............I think I want to chose to watch football with my husband......he doesn't mind me knitting and spinning at the same time-now that is something to be grateful about!

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  1. HOORAY!!! That is the closest I have every heard you come to admitting that you LIKE football...I have waited for this moment ever since you told me (tongue-in-cheek, sort of...) that my only failings as a daughter were that I liked football and tea!

    I know that's not exactly the point of your post, but it made me happy nonetheless. =)

    Thank you for being willing to make yourself vulnerable by sharing this with us...


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