Saturday, November 3, 2007

Still Piecing

I had purchased a bag of these old , hand pieced blocks at an antique (junk) store many years ago when visiting Florida; though the store is not longer here, it used to be near to where I now live. I found them when I was digging in a box for something else last week and inspiration bloomed! I knew just what I needed to do to bring them to life. I searched for the length of old fabric that is my first fabric memory-it hung in the doorway of room, right near my crib-I recognized it when my Mom pulled it out of a box a long time ago and amazed, she gave it to me. I have kept it folded up in my stash ever since....what a perfect complement to these blocks-that solved, I pulled out the blocks and began to move them around to come up with a pleasing arrangement. I soon found out why they were tucked into a bag so long ago and never finished (40's and 50's fabrics is my guess); the points of some of the 'flowers' go right into the seam allowance and their sizes vary from 6 1/2" to 7 1/2". I pulled out the rotary cutter and mat and began trimming them all to 6 1/2" even if it meant some of the areas were 'thinner' than will all look good eventually and I was right! I did run into a little glitch but in true Grandmother Coon fashion, I didn't let it bog me down too long-I pieced some of the set triangles along the edge when I saw I was running out of grey fabric. I did keep the pattern as lined-up as possible so it is pretty subtle, I'm happy to say. Now I did not have enough for the corners so I am going to look for some solid grey at the fabric store when I go later in the week.
A very satisfying Saturday I must admit.


  1. What size is it to be? Is it for the wall?

  2. WHat a fun piece of history -- yours and some other fellow quilter's combined -- wouldn't you like to be able to show her that her doomed blocks became a work of art?!

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  4. The measurements at present are 41" wide and 53" long but I will be adding borders of the sold grey, too, so it will be a bit bigger than it is now-thanks for asking!


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