Monday, November 5, 2007

A Day to Dye For!

I finished all the usual Monday morning chores with a mighty reward in mind-

Dyeing for the rest of the day! I started with the dyeing board and 2 skeins of Finn wool-I had seen this in Spin Off magazine last year and it has fermented in my 'ideas' compartment until today...(My neighbor is a woodworker and he obligingly made this to my specs-he looks tolerant but he follows my drawings, bless him!) I said I wasn't finished with the hot and cold colors to do Faux Isle socks and hats so that was my theme for the day. First I used the dye board for dying a color combination skein ........

and then I laid 2 skeins on top of each other in the bowls-one for hot colors and then one for cool-matching up the skeins so the 2 skeins would be similar in how they knit up later on...

On to the roving.......yeah, no more boring white spinning for me--color rich at last! I halved the pound of Coopworth wool and coiled it in its bowl-again, one for cool and one for hot colors. I just spot dyed and had a 'mad scientist' time of it. I did flip the wool gently and move it around so as to remove any areas where I might have missed -- no white spots on this batch!

Into the oven for a sauna for an hour at 200 degrees---all the dye is taken up and the colors are perfect, beautiful.....
ahhhhhhh, a fiber fix extraordinaire!

Yes, this was a day to dye for...........tomorrow--on to spinning!


  1. Ooh, the hots and cools are delicious!!!

  2. Please be sure to post what you make of these! The dye board is a fascinating idea.


  3. Looks like you had a great time. Have fun spinning up your fiber!

  4. oh my that is way cool!! I love the colors that you did. It's more like hand painting?

  5. It all looks fabulous! Can't wait to see what it knits/spins up to!

  6. Cindy, Glad to see you are making the most of your retirement. Sharon D.-Phoenix, NY.

  7. Hi Cindy, Could you email me the specs of your dyeing board? I have been wanting Ann to make me one, but didn't know the right size for skeins or roving.
    Your dyeing and spinning over the last week is fabu! Take care, Kathy aka knittin' cacher


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