Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas to You!

Greetings to all who read this! We are spending a week in Georgia at my Daughter and Son-in-Law's home. Matthew and Caleb arrive tonight so we will have a happy houseful!

Bill and I have spent 33 Christmases together--sure does bring up memories. It seems like yesterday and a hundred years ago both that his parents would come to our house on Christmas Eve and open gifts with our little ones...........Christmas day was always closed out with my parents and siblings and gifts and laughs..................... A ton of changes already have been incurred with the move a year ago so what is a few more!

Weather is a bit cooler in the 40's so we dug out some sweatshirts, sweaters and corduroy! So wonderful to receive real hugs from the grandkids instead of just the phone ones!

Craftwise, I am teaching Marsel to knit socks.........she already knits but never socks so we are making ourselves a pair of toe-ups! Since it is all new to her-why not!? I bought some white superwash with nylon from Knitpicks and dyed it brown, green and purple- each of our skeins are a little bit different and both are knitting up beautifully. Hopefully, we will post a finished sock before we leave!

May all your endeavors enrich your life and those around you-
Have a very Merry Christmas Day!


  1. We miss you all!!!

    ...knitting alone, although still plesant, is not as much fun as doing it with a companion...!

  2. oops -- pleasant -- I hate typos!!!


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