Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hair Coloring 101

If you color your hair, tune in ; if not, skip today if you want (unless you know someone who colors and could benefit from this!)

Now for this month's money-saving tip:

This applies to any brand of hair color you use. Measure out half of the amount of coloring medium-you might need to save your bottle this time and halve the amount next time, if you don't have a container to put it into. I save my dispenser bottles and use them for my wool dyeing so I had some on hand!

Next, empty half of the coloring agent into the first bottle and then put the remaining tube and the first bottle into the box for next month's use.
Store the unmixed but halved ingredients until you need them in 4-6 weeks. Now,color your hair as usual-there is plenty to color your hair and you will not waste so much down the drain! This would not work if you have long hair but by the time we are coloring to hide the grey, our hair is usually shorter anyway! This tip was shared with me by my friend , Becky, and I have been doing it this way for 6 months; my hair does not need coloring more often-it lasts just as long as it did when I used the whole bottle-we just save $50 a year now to keep me 'grey-free'!

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