Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frill Seekers

 I have been enjoying having my parents nearby!  We visit almost every day.  Mom and I have done some sewing and knitting. I have finished this pair of silk fingerless mitts.
 And started this pair of mitts from alpaca.
We even enjoyed a Ladies Knitting Day and learned how to make the trendy new frill scarves!
 I finished mine in the evening and immediately started a second........
.....and then a third!  Very fast and fun knit!  It is wonderful to get together with friends!


  1. The scarves are very cool and look like fun to wear! Glad you're enjoying some 'together' knitting time. :)

  2. PS - I like the title of this post!

  3. I really like the alpaca mits with the feather and fan pattern. As warm as alpaca is, having those little lacy holes might be necessary.

  4. It is good that you see your mum as your friend; DD and I also have that kind of relationship! I must figure out that silk knitting thing!


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