Monday, January 23, 2012


I just learned this word and it fits where I am at right now.........

 Knitting and
time with my parents.........


  1. Hot fudge sundaes--Mom's favorite!!!Sharon

  2. Your quotidian life is much more active than mine! (What a pompous-sounding sentence! Yes, I had to look it up)


  3. I had to check it out - probably not a word I'd be inclined to use regularly:)) but never mind - enjoy your time, both with the knitting and the company of your parents, of course!

  4. Fun -- that's a new word to me and you know how I love to add to my vocabulary!

    I commented to Bruce that Grandma looks so happy with her new hairdo, but Bruce countered that no, she was smiling so brightly because she had ice cream in front of her!!! lol

  5. Oooo! Hot fudge Sundae!!!!

    Sorry, being on a diet means anything with sugar and chocolate gets noticed.


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