Monday, June 20, 2011


 We enjoyed celebrating Bill's birthday a few days early by going to Boston Lobster Feast in Orlando!  Caleb could make it along with a friend from church.  We had a great time!  Also enjoyed a game of miniature golf after to work off some of those calories! 
 Nyki found a smorgasbord of her own-this small guy found his way into our pool patio-
Bill beheaded it so Nyki could relish the game bite free!  We have a motto here-chop first, identify second!  It is a good motto !  Nyki had fun tossing the snake and 'sharing' it with her buds.  I do not show the proper affection for reptiles but she tries to engage me!


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  2. Eeek! There is always a trade off to living in a rural area, isn't there?

    Lobster - yum!

  3. Um, your feast looks much more appealing to me than Nyki's does!!!

  4. I'm always amazed at how mych cats like to play with snakes. Mind you, they can have them. I can recognize the poisonous snakes in my neck of the woods, so I know which to ignore and which to flee from screaming bloody murder. :)


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