Monday, April 30, 2012

On the Sea with the C's

 We got to see Caleb and Cassandra for the day!  Of course, a boat ride was in order for this gorgeous day!
 So many gators to spot-small 6' ones and.......
 .........large 9' ones, too.  See him smile?!
 There were so many birds-this is an osprey skimming the water just ahead of us.
This was a flock of egrets over the St Johns River.
The creek was so calm and enjoyable to boat.....the lake was very choppy and not as pleasurable but it is always a good day out on the water!  We had a wonderful lunch at Corky Bells and ended the day with a swim and then a rousing game of Wahoo!


  1. So glad you got to spend the day together!

  2. how did you ever get your Mother in a boat--and with all those alligators? sharon

  3. not sure I'd like to be on a small boat with so many grinning alligators in the water:) but it looks as if you had a nice day!

  4. I agree. The gators make me nervous just looking at them in pictures.


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