Friday, April 13, 2012

A Trip to Vero Beach

Off to an early start for our day visiting Bill's sister, Barb and husband, Doug in Vero Beach!
I got quite a bit of knitting done in our three hour trek.
The beach side restaurant where we had a lovely lunch-calzones and canolis!    
 The water was breathtakingly beautiful-really the turquoise shade it shows in the picture!
 Just a lovely light surf and lots of others who were enjoying the water, too.  We even spotted a manatee but it was too fleeting for a picture!
 The wind blown beach walkers!
We topped the beach visit off with an ice cream stop-hmmmm, mango sorbet was a perfect conclusion!

We went back to their house and had a couple of rousing games of cards and then the men did some landscaping jobs -we came home with some unwanted bushes and plants-the car was filled , in fact.  I had an unwanted visit from a spider and Bill got stung by a caterpillar-small price to pay, says he!  Ha!
Thanks for the lovely day, Barb and Doug!


  1. So glad you had a wonderful day with Uncle Doug and Aunt Barbara! That water is so gorgeous...

  2. That sounded like a perfect day from the calzones to the manatee but then I read about the spider. :-)

  3. Canolis AND sorbet? I didn't know caterpillars sting; is it possible they only sting Bill? Is that Knit Picks yarn for the sock or something else?

  4. Sorry about the sting and bite, but it sounded like you had a great day. I love the socks.

  5. The photos of the beach and sea are amazing. What colors!!! I love your socks. Are you knitting them in some of the wool you handspun?

  6. Calzone? My DD would love to visit there!

    What are you going to do with the unwanted plants?


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