Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pioneer Settlement Spring Frolic

Bill and I were loaded up bright and early to head to the Spring Frolic in Barberville, Florida; about a half hour drive south of us.  I took along the Shetland I spun in St Augustine last month and started a shawl during our drive .
We set up and as usual , it was a flurry of people all day long.  We had a wonderful time and I had planned on more pictures but I didn't get too far from our little spot near the 1700's Quarters House!
Bill took this picture at the end of the day and we look like we are tired-we were! (This was at the end of a 7 hour day!)
I started the day demonstrating spinning with the Mindy fiber (merino and cat).  It spun like a dream but my lap was covered in cat fur when I was finished!  I had fluff everywhere!
(Note to self:  choose another fiber when you are going to be sitting outdoors and glistening a bit!  
Think tar and feather..........)
 Ahh, Merino was a much better choice of fiber-it behaved much better and I didn't look like I had wrestled a feline and lost!
I haven't spun Merino in a long time and forgot what a soft and springy yarn it makes! 
(175 yards of fingering weight)
Nyki was glad to have me home and helped me unpack.....well, until she took a nap instead.  
I went for a swim to cool and calm the tired muscles!

Here is a link from one of the local photographers, Gail Carson, for more pictures of last year's event.  I will post more pictures of  today later........ 


  1. That looked like a fun event and I love the colors in the merino!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun...Mindy would be pleased that she was such an involved participant in your day! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great day and learning something about our fibers/fabrics is always a good thing!

  4. your Mindy fibre reminds me of some angora I spun a while back... I think I had at least as much loose hair on myself as I managed to put into the yarn! but at least you had a great day - and the weather to relax in the pool afterwards (we'd have caught pneumonia over here doing that:)

  5. So, is spinning cat fur like spinning angora bunny?

    I'll bet that pool felt great.


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