Monday, July 9, 2012

Cotton Yarn and Such

 Still spinning up a storm with the cotton.  It is nice to have it work out!
 Two more skeins of cotton yarn-210 yards this time.
 My shawl knitting hit a snag......I ran out of yarn-the specially dyed gradient yarn.  I knew I had some more roving somewhere and after much digging, I found it!  I spun it up and will dye it today so that it matches the shawl and then I can knit the border and have a voila moment!
 I also have the binding on the triangle batik quilt and need to hand sew it on the back.
Bill hooked up the tv in my sewing room!  Happiness is...........


  1. Ooo, no - running out of yarn isn't good. Just as well you are confident in your ability to dye up a good match!

  2. Everything is looking great--you must feel good to have everything organized. Glad you are back on line--missed your blog. sharon

  3. I'm impressed. Cotton is hard to spin :-)


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