Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Day..

 We packed up all of Matthew's worldly possessions and headed to Orange Park for the new apartment.
Bruce, Marsel and kids drove down on Friday to help move and we had a wonderful time on our working weekend!
 The proud new owner!
 The kids enjoyed the down time and the huge spacious living room!
 Bill surveys the future fishing adventures here with Matthew!
 View along the ST Johns River  looking north.  You can see the residual storm clouds.
We had a fast and furious thunderstorm-it was quite beautiful to watch it from the safety of Matthew's balcony!  Marsel had fixed a pot of chili for our day's end reward-we enjoyed the meal and the laughs...both Ashley and I spilled on the new carpeting!  It is now officially a home!   The day was hard, long and wonderful! (and exciting, Matthew!)
Caleb had to work and then he was in a 5k run in Jax but we had a quick hug for both him and Cassandra squeezed into this day.  


  1. I loved your comment about turning the new house into a home! Moving is really a family affair with you guys! Same here: we've moved DD and SIL three times and hope not to have to do to it again in the near future! Although, I should clarify, they had proper removalists the last time - however we still packed most of their stuff!

  2. is it just me - or is somebody in your family moving elsewhere every 2nd week?:) sure keeps you on your toes....
    and I think stains on the new carpet - are lucky:)

  3. Whenever we're all together, we always make it an adventure, don't we?! So thankful for our family! xo

  4. you could start the Minota Moving Company--family discounts first. Sounds like you all have lots of fun with these moves!! Sharon

  5. Congrats on your new house, hiring home removalist will make your moving easy.


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