Friday, July 6, 2012

The Rest of the Week

 Bill picked some figs and then we cut them in half
  and filled six trays with their little goodness
 and set the timer for 13 hours.  Thank you, Sandy, for loaning the dehydrator!
 We ended up with two quart bags of dried figs.  No, I have no idea what to do with them but Bill likes them like this so have at it, husband!  If I asserted myself, I might try chopping some up to make some bread similar to zuchini........
 I made a couple dish cloths.
 I spun the alpaca that I dyed back in April, 350 yards of soft and luscious yarn!
 I have done a basketful of mending, and then mended the basket for a friend,
 Did maintenance on desk chair organizers for a teacher friend,
and tried out a pattern and fabric in the stash for a very retro but chic summer dress.

Now I believe the blog and I are caught up!


  1. The dress is very chic! Looks very comfy to wear on a hot day, too.

    Glad the squirrels left you a little bit of fruit...

  2. Did you do all of that while you had no Internet or are these new projects since you rejoined the 21st century? Either way, you have been very busy.

    BTW, my WM also like figs!

  3. busy, busy - as usual:) the figs look good, unfortunately our "trees" don't produce any, they just grow leaves (not warm enough, I'd say). I'd prefer them fresh, but of course they go off pretty quickly then. I was thinking of buying a dehydrator, but I lack the storage space, when it's not in use:( good to have you back online!

  4. I really like that dress! It looks like your craft room has changed some more since I saw it that a cutting table/sewing space?

  5. I know what I would be doing if I ate that many figs ;-| Love the alpaca colors!

  6. I love the fabric on that dress! Very nice.

    You have been a very busy lady.

  7. Love that dress! and the figs and the yarn and everything you do!


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