Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday's Creativity

 Sewing garments again has been enjoyable.......I haven't done too much lately and this is a good challenge.
A friend wanted a blouse to match one she already owns-I copied the shirt and got it to work.  Nothing like a TA-Da moment!
I have been spinning away for the Tour de Fleece and have turned the pile of these punis,
 into singles and now I am plying it into yarn.  (I have emptied two baskets so far and the bag of cotton looks just as full as when I began!)
I did a bit of 'patch' work!  It is nice to take an idea to actuality !  Marsel wanted some embroidered patches to put on the soccer bags she will be making........I'd say her idea worked!


  1. Aren't you the cover one?

    Lovely spinning and patches.

    What is punis?

  2. What a great top! Also, those embroidered patches did you make them yourself? They look awesome! I love how they are personalized!


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