Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stash Busting

 From the stash I was able to make another purse organizer for a friend.  She was given a beautiful new purse but it is cavernous inside and needed some order-sewing friend to the rescue!
 It is very satisfying to be able to find all the supplies in the stash!
I also started a new sweater from stash yarn-a Web's pattern called Hyacinth Cardigan which is similar to the other four I knit from the Philomena pattern which is related to this design.  It is top down and very relaxing to knit and see progress.
 I do have to finish this shawl but circumstances keep interrupting it like running out of yarn-and needing to dye some more and then the beads I picked out for the edging aren't cooperating because half of them have holes that are too small and I can't get them on the stitch........all will be overcome in time!


  1. The purse organizer looks great. Sounds like one of your knitting projects is causing some frustration but I'm sure it will be beautiful in the end.

  2. maybe I should make myself one - I always use huge bags to bring everything with me and then I have to start digging to find stuff:)
    I love the green-to-blue yarn, lovely colours changes. but I had similar problems with my fairy tale yarn beads - I had to put the beads on thread to ply with, but now some of the larger beads hang off that thread:( can't win them all, next time I'll be better prepared:) but I am sure the shawl will look nice in the end!

  3. The purse organizer is lovely -- I still love mine to bits (only figuratively -- because it is holding up very well!).

  4. I recognize that fabric! So glad you could use it. One can never have too many bags.

    That shawl looks wonderful! I love the color gradation from the green to the blue in it.


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