Thursday, July 5, 2012

Surfing Again

 It has been a long 10 days but it is behind me now!  ( I do not recommend cutting yourself off from the world by losing your phone and internet!)  Marsel and I laid the ground work for Krystle's nursery set and I finished the comforter after Marsel had to return to Georgia.
 The quilting lines give the pattern a subtle look to the back, too.
 After much wrestling, I got the bumper pads turned and pressed!  Everything was mailed out to Krystle on Monday and she got it all today-hooray!  Now it is safe and sound and set up in Aria's room!
 The heat and rain has produced some beautiful blooms on my bottle brush tree!
 I finished the scarf for the knit-a-long--6 feet of lace-it is whisper soft!
 I am participating in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry this year also (spinning or knitting while the Tour de France take place)  I joined the cotton spinning team from Cotton Clouds and I transferred my new skills on the spindle to the spinning wheel-yes, I am even using my 'sore' foot!  I had some sliver and some raw-the sliver is easier to spin, of course, but the ginned cotton was free and I am determined to use it, too.  I have to card it and make my own punis then spin it-very good therapy for my foot!
 The results are spectacular-it is as relaxing as using the spindle and I am able to get so much more done in the same time.
I have 250 yards of cotton yarn so far!

That's enough for today-more catch-up tomorrow!


  1. So nice to have you back online and sharing pictures again!

    The nursery stuff for Aria is breathtaking...I can hardly wait to see it with Aria in the midst, how about you?!!!!

    The cotton looks so soft and pretty.

  2. Hurrah! She's back! Hip, hip, hurrah!

    Lovely sewing and spinning.

  3. welcome back:) and no 5 quilts and several sweaters finished? how disappointing:)) but the cotton does look lovely, esp. with the brown flecks in it. I only have the naturally greenish cotton, but I do like the colour, esp. after washing! and the baby surely will be spoiled with those lovely colours!


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