Saturday, September 15, 2012

Starting and Finishing Day

 I started a new sock this morning-it sure felt good to have a pair of socks on the needles again!
(This is the yarn I bought at the LYS by Marsel and Abigail's home.  It is nylon and acrylic but has a nice soft feel; like cotton.  It passes the knit test and I will let you know how it wears in a few weeks!)
 I finished the wind mill quilt and got it off the frame.  Watch how Sissy's face changes when I take another picture....
 ....she looks disgusted with me!  I do enjoy my kitties!
 I might have finished the quilting but now I have started the binding and need to get that on to count the quilt as truly finished!
 The ruffly scarf is done and ready to be wrapped up and put in the gift pile!

I have started and finished the first bobbin of pima cotton sliver--stage one done before plying the two bobbins together for it to become yarn!
I will be turning the heel on the sock tonight-the yarn is dk weight so it works up quickly!


  1. That yarn is pretty. Will it have an identical twin or will you be happy with fraternal?

  2. Sissy probably doesn't want to give up that quilt as a sleeping place:) I started another sock yesterday evening, and I'm disgusted with myself, because several are ufo's, but I couldn't resist a gorgeous colourway:( the sock yarn trap, full of pitfalls for the knitter with weak yarn resistance:)

  3. How did you get Sissy to look so alert and happy in that first picture?

    Pretty socks. With the winter coming, we need pretty colors.

  4. Kitties are so fun! As always you have created a lovely quilt!


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