Friday, March 15, 2013

Grandma Smiles

 The little sweater for Ella is finished just in time........
 ...because she is here for her first over-nighter  at Grandma's house!  Caleb and Cassandra are celebrating their first wedding anniversary already!
 Grandpa shared his new mower with Ella, too.
 But she wasn't as impressed as David!
See what I mean?!
Ella likes girl talk instead!  What a blessing this day has been!


Woolly Bits said...

somehow I can understand Ella - maybe new mowers are boys toys?:) but what a change to her first pix! they change so quickly at that age that they look like a different child in just a few weeks! enjoy some granny time with her:)

Benita said...

Goodness, she is so cute!!!

And that sweater is beautiful. So girly.

Lynne said...

Yep, she's a Minota girl for sure!