Monday, June 2, 2014

Time is Rushing by........

 If I wasn't at the doctor's, I was piecing this quilt top.
 That is, when I wasn't sorting glass!  I was determined to get each of the jumbled boxes of glass into some kind of order.
 I sorted into rainbow order in case you wondered, daughter!
 I worked a little each morning and emptied each of these boxes!
Now I can find just the right piece !
 To make things like this`!  I am still working on my know how experience-each piece is still a complete surprise!   See how the orange glass crackled in these-it looks like the other glass that doesn't do this so I don't know why but I am learning!   Also-the contrast in the striped piece disappeared when the two colors fused-another surprise.   That glass cracked when cooling.   I have all the glass to experiment forever-my bins are full!
Isn't this a cute little bit-it  happens when I fuse a milliflori piece on top of a plain one.  Simple and pretty results!
 When I run out of upright energy, I work on this shawl!   Garter stitch takes so much longer to show length but I am plugging away.  The knitting is very squishy which is pleasing so I will keep working at it!
 I managed to reach one of the magnolia blooms so I could bring it into the house-wow!  The whole dining room smelled delicious!  The bloom only lasts for 36 hours and then it looks like this...
 Thank goodness I have more to pick and bring in the house!


  1. wow, you do have a load of glass for your experiments! couldn't you heat the cracked pieces again, so that they melt together? or would it get even worse with that (I have no idea either how glass behaves:)? I love some of the lampwork that bloggers show, but I won't start it - too many tools to buy again:)

  2. I am really loving your glass work - that upper left one is beautiful!

    Don't you just love learning something new?

  3. I'm so glad your glass pieces are in rainbow order...see me smile! :) Your new pieces are very pretty...I'd like to do a whole crackled one on purpose.

    I think the magnolia is beautiful even when it browns and curls...too bad it smells funky!

  4. The magnolia is exquisite! Now I realize that what we have in the back yard is a tulip tree.

    Looking forward to the apple core quilt as it progresses.

  5. Cool cool glass.
    Magnolias are so big. They don't grow here in Chicago, but I get to see them in VIRGINIA when I visit my daughter

  6. Such pretty glass!
    I didn't know magnolias smelled nice. You learn something everyday!

  7. You amaze me with how much you accomplish! I love what you are doing with glass.

  8. Bits of stained glass were some of the things I de-cluttered before we moved; the amount I had wouldn't have filled more than a small layer in one of those tubs!


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