Saturday, September 27, 2014

Amicalola Falls

 Bill and Marsel rented a wheelchair for me today...

So we could take a hike into the mountains and see the Amicalola Falls in Northern Georgia;  about an hour north of their home.  It starts with this little creek.
That flows out towards this beautiful vista
under the boardwalk and into the unknown.
 Then you hike a bit to get around the trails to see more of the Falls from the other side.  On the way, we passed this, the beginning of the trail to the Appalachain trail!  It is still on my list of places to go but as you can see, this is not a wheelchair accessible trail.  It was wonderful to walk on it for a few steps anyway!  Does it call out to you, too?
Bill pushed me down a beautiful trail that was paved with old tires so it was comfortable to everyone!
 We enjoyed the view all along the trail, see this old truck?   Parts were succombing to gravity and falling down the hill but it was blocked by the railing!  Fun.
To the other side of the trail was the drop off-a beautiful forest rich in smells and sights.
You could hear the water before you could see it-very exciting!  Looks lovely, right?
It was a very long or high or something waterfall!!!!   Just astounding to watch.   Amicalola means talking waters in the local Indian language.   It is 729 feet in height and the mountain is at 2250' in elevation!
 It was our first visit and it was special to be able to share it with our grandkids!
 And family!
Marsel worked a bit on her sock, 
and I worked on mine while in the car but we did a lot of sightseeing, too!  What an incredible day.


  1. Amazing views. So happy to see you rolling in style with your beautiful family!

  2. We enjoyed so many mountain adventures in NY when I was growing was fun to take you guys on a Georgia mountain adventure with my kids! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures. Nature is amazing. You look wonderful and riding in style. Nice family. Can't wait to see the finished socks.

  4. Wow, reminds me of Tennessee. So pretty. I have hiked part of the Appalachian Trail. It was pretty grueling.

  5. I love old forests and walking through them - unfortunately ireland has next to none - one of the things I miss from my home country! it's not only the sight of the trees - the sounds, the smell - everything comes together, esp. if you have memories from childhood about playing in a forest! looks like you enjoyed your trip!

  6. While I really don't like you having to be in a wheelchair, The scenic view from the trail are beautiful! I miss hiking.

  7. What a beautiful place! I'm so glad you were able to go there.

    Socks in DK? They'd be too warm here for anything but bed socks!


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