Friday, October 3, 2014

FO Friday and What a Week!

 We started the week with Operation Front Yard!

Bill got it all weeded and trimmed and the kids helped rake up all the cuttings!  Good work guys!
 Tuesday we went to watch Abigail at her horse riding lesson.  It was a beautiful walk across a pasture and worth every step!

She does wonderfully and it is really helping her balance and core strength.  She is sore and tired after her lesson!
See the color of the Georgia clay here!
See my shawl........that I ran out of yarn because I didn't pay attention to the yardage, just the color when I ordered it!!!!  Another skein is on its way....
On the way home from the lesson, we squeezed a stop at the American Girl Doll Storein-a first for me and Abigail gave me a great tour!
We said goodbye to Grandpa on Thursday so he could drive back to Florida.  Goodbyes are hard.
After Abigail got a new cast on Thursday, part of her botox therapy to help her foot relax from the effect of the CP, we went to see David at another basketball practice.
Marsel and I have been sewing together!   We dug out this princess quilt we cut out a few years ago and put it together-next is the border!
We also worked on the disappearing pinwheel block and Marsel made a new arrangement!  It works, too!  This will be a table topper for her new coffee table!
The kids and I did our big project together-resin molds with precious findings inside the molds!
One with old jewelry, coins and rocks and shark's teeth.....

And one with dried beetles we found........but they kept on floating up and out and we had the hardest time with them!  lol   ( I will post the results of this project tomorrow-it takes a l o n g    time to dry!)
Marsel had purchased this sweater for Abigail at a consignment shop and wanted a skirt to match!
We raided the fabric stash and added to it to make this 18 wedge skirt!   Abigail can't wait to wear it!
I finished the hat-proof that it is off the needles but it is being blocked now so better pictures to come!


  1. Good golly....I am exhausted reading about all the fun things you've been up to. Lots of time well spent with the family!

  2. We have squeezed a lot of goodness into our visit so far!! :)

  3. Looks like you've been busy and up to all kinds of fun! I love the color of your shawl! That's great you were able to find another skein. Can't wait to see it finished. :-)

  4. haha, I had the giggles when I read about the bugs that kept popping up in the resin! years back I tried the same with a dead bee - and had to hold it down with a pin - which got slightly stuck, when the resin went nearly hard - it still has an odd "bubble" in the back:) never mind, it's fun anyway! looks like you had a great time together:)

  5. I love Abigail's new outfit!!!

    A friend brought a pail of Georgia soil back a few years ago, and I keep meaning to try dyeing a T0shirt in it. I think I'll have to try it this winter.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time!


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