Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday's Discovery

Quite a while ago, another blog friend suggested a good quilting project would be 'An Orphan block' idea.   I didn't find any for me but did find the pile of blocks from my grandmother.   I am still waiting for a trip to the fabric store so I can work out a background strategy for that one but looking for something else today, I found this orphaned quilt!  I believe it was started while I still lived in NY so at least 8 years ago!
 I re-familiarized myself with the fabrics, and the blocks left to do and the layout!   I soon got into the swing of things and enjoyed the 'Quilt in a Day' series by Eleanor Burns once again.  
 I have these blocks arranged just so but I have one problem.   I rarely like a square quilt;  I have one block left over and that would mean another two blocks would need completing.   I have enough fabric... As I write this, I think I have my decision made to work another row.
In between piecing, I ground the edges smooth and drilled the jewelry fitting hole and made the wire bail for completing the resin jewelry I made in Georgia!   I might just tackle this resin thing one more time........!


  1. I love basket blocks. I made a cherry basket quilt many, many years ago. I wonder what ever happened to it? Hmmm...

  2. Woohoo! A long forgotten UFO -- so you do have projects (well, at least one) that you haven't completed after all! ;-)

  3. I see that you have quilting in your genes.

    How to make a square quilt with ten blocks? Fun puzzle. I'm working on that.

    You do the loveliest things.

  4. Your basket blocks are so pretty!!!
    I am amazed at how beautiful your jewerly is. You have so many ideas all good.

  5. Hey, I'd forgotten that quilt, too! I agree with your "one more row" decision...I made one square quilt and it was probably my last square one ever!

    The jewelry came out just lovely!

  6. love your basket quilt and agree you need to do another row. resin jewelry is nice too.


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