Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Early Week...

 Our persimmons are ready for eating and Bill always wondered how they would be for jam.   We couldn't find a jam recipe exclusively for them so winged it on our own.  I supervised but Bill did all the work-I say I am retired from jam-duty and he wanted to learn!  Perfect. (in fact, he cleaned the kitchen afterwards, too!)
 He wanted me to tell you he had to down another big branch and this one fell exactly where it was supposed to!
I always enjoy it when I have done so much the quilt no longer reaches the floor!!!  Proof of progress!
 We went to visit my brother and sister-in-law.......what a perfect and encouraging visit!
 Bill and I toured the beach since we were so close before heading home.
 Another wonderful place to watch and let your lungs fill up with ocean air!
 All the dune daisies were enjoying the end of the day sunshine, too.
We drove home to a wonderful sunset.
I started a pair of socks on the way home and knit until it was too dark to check my work!


  1. I've been hearing about persimmons a lot this year. I need to give them a try sometime. Congrats on all the canning! Your quilt looks great! How fun it is to see progress! I like the yarn color your new socks are being made with. Pretty!

  2. Gotta love homemade jam!

    Loved ones, the beach, and yarn...No other ingredients required for an excellent day. :)

  3. Glad the limb fell where it was supposed to lol! The quilt is beautiful!


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