Saturday, October 11, 2014

Endings and Beginnings

 For as long as I can remember, Saturdays are for laundry and cleaning-a quick whip-through so you can go and play in the sewing room.   I can play anytime I want usually, but Saturdays still follow this schedule.   I would say some habits become very deeply ingrained!  After I whipped through this morning, I knew which project was calling me!  When in Georgia, I bought this rainbow fabric for the border for the disappearing pinwheel rainbow quilt.   I cut the strips on the lengthwise grain so keep the stripes just right-I think it is everything I wanted for the quilt!
 This was a case of 'miters only' for the border plans.   It worked out easily and now the quilt top joins the queue while I finish the quilt on the frame.
 This is the one I'm working on now;  the antique nine patches that Millie completed.   I am quilting it freehand with a variety of patterns to echo the borders and then highlight the smaller blocks.
 One nice part about the freehand work for quilts lately is that I can sit down while I do them.  I cannot stand for the hours required for doing the pantographs.  I will use them for smallers quilts as I can complete them in two hours instead of the 8-10 hours for a large quilt.  It is going to work out well and I hope to have it done in a week!
I used the two left over skeins of Hawthorne yarn for a new sock-I am using one row per each skein and carrying the strands up the side seam for an invisible exchange.   The interplay of colors is really making a very pretty sock!   I hope you like it Marsel-it's for you!


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt! I love the borders. Miters are something I really struggle with. I have watched every You Tube video and tried it many times with ugly results. My brain just doesn't work that way so I have to do the ugly square fold at every corner.

  2. lovely colours on the quilt! and the sock - I like the way the two separate colours seem to mix in the sock... not sure that cubby hole shelves like yours would work for me. I don't have a cat that's keen to snuggle into one - but they would be stuffed so full that the balls would roll out again - even without the helping paws of a feline:)

  3. Ahhh, the quilt is gorgeous!!! Nice to have a souvenir fabric for the border. :)

    I love the socks -- what a fun color blend!

  4. The quilt is so pretty! I have a soft spot for rainbows :)

  5. What a great border fabric! Just right!

    Love the way those two yarns are playing together!

  6. You would never know that sock was made with two different yarns. They blend together perfectly. I never thought of doing it this way and you can bet I'll try this myself with left over sock yarn. Cool!!

    You have the best ideas.


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