Thursday, October 23, 2014


 I finished the central portion of the quilt for Millie and am on the home-stretch for the borders-they take a bit more work because I have to unpin and repin the quilt for each side but well worth the work to see the finish line just ahead!
 The sock is clipping right along-I turned the heel and have to decide what I am doing up the leg!
Outside, it has been perfect weather!  No humidity and mid 80's temperatures!   October is the month to visit someone in the South!
 The Turk's Cap Hibiscus is reaching maturity;  the blooms are now full size (about 3-4") and the bush is as tall as I am now!  So pretty.....
 The KnotWeed is almost done with its blooming-the butterflies have almost all left, too.
 Isn't this striking-about 8" tall and so brilliant.   It is good to walk through all the flowers and enjoy the texture, color and contrasts.
 What a pretty combination of colors!   Yarn inspiration here~  (Cassia, sage and pagoda flowers.)
 This will grow into a very tall and beautiful tree in a few years!
 And my first Camillia is in bloom!   The white bush is always weeks ahead of the others!
They are still looking like this!  These will burst into blooms next month.


  1. our garden is full of fallen leaves, barely any flowers in sight anymore - and yours seems to be in full swing:) october is definitely not the best month to visit ireland - unless you're a wellie tester or something:) but on the other hand I like the wind, the clear air and the flying leaves - even though I just noticed that christmas is in 2 months' time.... urghs:)

  2. Beautiful! What is the little tree with yellow flowers?

  3. I love the purple sage. I potted some for the deck a while back and it does really good in flower arrangements. Our camellia bushes all had buds on them last week. Can't wait to see them in bloom.

  4. The jam looked interesting; I'm not even sure what a persimmon is but it's to good to read about Bill's new found passion for jam making (I thought you called it 'jelly' in USA). Do you think it will continue?

    The flowers in your garden look pretty. I am looking forward to getting home and having a week with WM to work on the green before he returns to work. I hope it's not too hot -- the temperature today is forecast to be 35*C (95*) which is way too hot for planting and transplanting -- even for pulling out unwanted growth!

    You're making great progress with that quilt. My crafting time is limited but I'm up to the foot of the second cuff down sock and still have a week of vacation to go!

  5. That was, of course, supposed to be work on the garden, not the 'green'! LOL


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