Monday, September 15, 2014

Humming in the Sewing Room

 First thing in the morning, I put the borders on this little butterfly and flower quilt.
 Then I figured out how to use up every last bit of fabric to piece this strip so the backing was long enough to work!
 and then I loaded it up on the frame!
 I did a cute butterfly/fairy wings/ angel wing pantograph in a pastel thread.
 It took a few hours and several good resting time but I got it finished!
 The binding was put on completely by machine and now I can give it away to a newly born little girl!
 And just because the design wall was empty, I pulled this pile of blocks back out to put them together.   I had to trim each block to square them up, then sew them together!
 I need to buy just the right combination of rainbow fabric for the borders!
 Here is a neat trick for storing blocks and newly cut fabric-line a pizza box with parchment paper!
 It will keep your blocks in order and together until you get to them again!
 I have enough squares to make another kid quilt out of these using the disappearing pinwheel again.   It was that fun to make and since I have the fabric, I will make another!
The quilting frame was empty so I loaded another quilt from Millie.   She is still using up the pile of vintage blocks she has and so I will begin work on this one!


  1. My goodness! You hare a quilting maven, aren't you? I love that pink flowered baby quilt. So, some little girl is going to enjoy that until it falls apart some day.

  2. Beautiful quilts. Are there any baby girls in your future?

  3. I love pieced backs. It makes that gorgeous little quilt even more spectacular.

  4. Pretty quilt! The candy colors are beautiful...and of course I love the rainbow progression of the in-progress quilt!

  5. I've only quilted a full size quilt twice. Are the pictures on your blog of a long arm quilting machine? Sorry to be so dumb.

  6. The pizza boxes are a great idea. They're good for scrap-bookers too because they hold twelve inch paper flat!


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