Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yard Tours!

 I am still enjoying my new wheels and taking several tours a day.  It is interesting how there are  micro changes when I go at different times of the day.
 There are several different kinds of wild flowers in bloom near our pond.  They are enjoying the extra rainfall lately, too.
 Many people pull things like this up because it is considered a weed but it is a native plant to Florida and the butterflies love it!  It is nice to have extra acreage so we don't have to keep all the weeds down!
 It is so pretty to just stop and savor the scenes before me.......
 When I pause in the Live Oak grove, the temperatures are considerably cooler, there was a reason they used to have so many of these growing around their southern plantations!
 I found this little burrow today;  it has to be a rabbit or possum hole-there had been recent digging so I couldn't find a footprint to give me a clue!  I know it isn't a gopher turtle because the hole is round and not saucer shaped!  I will keep watching this to find out who dug it!  (I am brave from the golf cart!)
 Just to the north of the Live Oaks is the bamboo grove.  They are so straight and tall in contrast to all the curves of the oaks!

I have been keeping my eye on the new bloom on the Cereus and today-
 I discovered a second bud!  I will be enjoying twins!    I am pretty excited about the bloom schedule on this plant-this will make 5 for this year!
 The red hibiscus is fancy but my camera does not like the red!
 It is much more partial to the pink of this hibiscus!  The bloom is about 7" across-beautiful but sans aroma!
 The last of the pogoda plants are in bloom!  This guy is about 18" tall!
I would love a room in this color combination!


  1. The flowers in the second picture are called lantana. I've seen lots of them in Texas.

  2. it must be nice to drive around and check on everything - and I prefer the pink hibiscus to the red as well - with a flower like that there's no need for scent:) and the pagoda plant looks very beautiful, but maybe a room with such a strong red would make inhabitants rather overexcited?:) enjoy all those colours, it will be winter in no time....

  3. With your talk of micro-changes based on time of day, you remind me of Monet! Remember standing in the Art Institute in Chicago seeing his series of haystack pictures?! What a great day that was!

  4. Some of the things you grow are definitely considered weeds here! On our bush block, pampas grass, if we had it, would have to go. The lantana is also a pernicious weed and covers quite a lot of our neighbour's acreage!


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