Sunday, April 19, 2015

Color; To Lift Your Spirits

 Bill and I planted some annuals and crotons on either side of the sidewalk to brighten our front door area.  Nice to add the color in the front right now!
 The amaryllis is sure a show stopper.
 We also planted some ornamental grass.  It is just going to thicken and be interesting in his little corner!
 I'm so proud of the Hollyhocks...they are finally established.   I hope they continue to reseed and I will have a nice large area filled with them!
 We also bought some new Hibiscus;  they frost knocks back our beautiful plants every year.  They do come back but it takes so long and the hibiscus is an inexpensive plant here so we splurge and add the instant tropical color to the yard!
 We aren't the only ones who love this plant!
 I thought this plant was just red but when the blooms opened up, we find we have tropical fruit!
 You can just get lost in the beauty of these blooms-they are about 8-10" in size!
 Here is the close up of the annuals.......aren't they pretty?
 This last one is a type of, aren't you smiling?  Have a good day.


  1. I AM smiling! Love that hibiscus with the multi-colored flowers! What a happy surprise.

  2. All such beautiful flowers! I like winter, but I love the flowers you get south of here. I especially love your hollyhocks. We can grow them, but the season is short.

  3. I am smiling too. Thanks for the pickmeup. The home places are full of plants waiting to go in the ground now but I think it is too risky until Mother's Day at least. I am planning on some color for this year. Last year I did without and missed it terribly.

  4. Color definitely affects us mentally and emotionally...I am so thankful for a God Who created so much color for us to enjoy! (Countdown until I come see your flowers in person!)

  5. Did you get red yellow and pink from one hibiscus plant?!

  6. Today WM and mum planted a dwarf mandarin, a dwarf bay (for cooking with the leaves) and another plant for which I've forgotten the name. Yesterday he planted toe "flower carpet" roses. With winter rapidly approaching, we need to get plants in before it gets too cold. Next week (or the week afte) will be bull planting time!


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