Monday, April 13, 2015

The End of the Visit

 I made these little slippers from a Purl Soho post.  I used an old wool sweater which I washed and dried to felt the fabric and then cut out my pieces before hand sewing them together with woolen yarn.  
 Eli didn't look too impressed-he kicked them off pretty easily so they were just fun and not practical.
 In the early morning, I enjoyed being outside before the kids woke up.
 This is when I did  my knitting and ripping out-this is a good idea but the socks were too bulky with this yarn so I will try again with another skein.
Ella said she wanted something so I pulled out the leftover skein of sock yarn to make her this leg warmer...the other will come soon!  She likes to skip and dance like Angelina Ballerina and now she will have leg warmers to do that even better!
 Once they were awake, things were pretty busy.  Eli is learning to hold himself up on the blanket.
Ella is a picky eater but chocolate pudding for dessert still makes her swoon!  (I agree!)
 In the early evening when the sun isn't too hot, we took beach walks.  From this beautiful chaos, Caleb and Cassandra find shark's teeth right and left.
 I found zip in the shark department but I did find the coral.
 One afternoon, Cassandra and I made some resin for the sharks teeth so she can use them in jewelry.  Ella like stirring them up while we worked with the chemicals.
 I brought my dremel so we could drill them out when dry.   It uses so little resin to make these molds, she will be able to make lots of jewelry!
 One day we took a drive to the northern end of the island to find this lighthouse!  It is the oldest in the state.  Unfortunately, it isn't open to the public very often so we stood outside the gate to get this picture!  At least we had fun finding it!  (Thanks to a blog friend who told me about it!)
 We also enjoyed watching this pair of wrens sitting on their nest of 5 is inside the aloe plant under the large bottom leaf.
One morning we heard chirping and both parents were frantically working to keep up with filling all 5 little beaks!
 They were very diligent parents!
Until disaster struck....another reason to hate these things!
Let's end with a beautiful view of the ocean.
 Caleb and Ella enjoyed chasing the waves in the surf.
And getting chased in return!  


  1. What beach did you go to for the shark's teeth?

    We usually stay at the very north/east end of the island.

    I have to agree with Ella. Chocolate pudding is pretty swoon-worthy! Love the looks on her face.

  2. Such adorable babies! The snake, however... nasty!

  3. Such adorable babies! The snake, however... nasty!

  4. Ah, the beautiful Australian bottle brush shrub!

    I have encountered my first snake (several weeks ago now) on our property -- I'm much more careful where I walk and where I put my hands; I have no desire to push my luck!


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