Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Working Trip

Bill took me to Fernandina Beach to help Caleb and Cassandra after her recent surgery.  I'm going to get lots of snuggle time!

 And Ella' s taste in Kindle time runs to Oliviam...that's nice!  She is eating her breakfast while I knit.
 I'm knitting a pair of flip flop socks!

I finished one sock and on to the next!   I will model them when finished.  I made both the leg and the sole the same length so you can wear them either way you grab them!  The yarn is Sunseeker by Cascade Yarns;  it is a city in/acrylic with a bit of glitter mixed in!  Fun!

(Caleb woke up in the night with fever and chills-who has time for a late season flu!?!)

(I am going to be blogging on my Kindle and so I am taking pics on there, too.  Be patient with my skills!)


  1. Flip flop socks! That's pretty cool! You can take pictures with your Kindle?

  2. Whoa....what Kindle takes photos? I need to look into that.
    I hope the little one gets well soon and doesn't pass the bug along. :(

  3. Fernandina Beach ----- we go there quite often. Love it there.

    We'll be there in May again.

    Isn't the historic downtown adorable!!! And, the lighthouse ---- OH THE LIGHTHOUSE!

    Glad you are getting some time with the little ones. Hope Cassandra and Caleb are feeling better soon.

  4. Enjoy the snuggles! Love to all from me. :)

  5. I can't wait to see your finished socks. I never heard of them and just checked them out on Raverly. Great idea if you wear flip flops. I don't. I can't keep them on my feet and never could and now that I have so much trouble with my feet and balance it would be impossible.

  6. Darling kids. I love your socks. I made a pair for a friend who always wears them even when she isn't on her way for a pedicure

  7. Thank you for helping take care of my family. Love you!

  8. Thank you for helping take care of my family. Love you!

  9. I have a Kidnle (which I rarely use). I knew I could connect to the internet but I don't think I can take photos!


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