Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 I traced around the base of my sewing machine so I could cut out the table surface to recess the machine.
 The sawing went pretty well considering the blade needed replacing!
 Bill helped me build the support box for under the table and we got it all screwed in place!
 Yes, this will be so much better for piecing and for my sewing comfort!
Coat number one in place!
 We took a golf cart ride to unwind after all the work.  Bling joins us for our rides each evening.
 He watches all around but isn't interested in jumping off.
In fact, the ride really helps him to relax also!
 On the ride, we checked out Bill's burn pile before the evening set in.
 We spotted our sand hill crane couple.
They gave up after two failed nesting attempts.  There is always next year!


  1. Hmmm....I wonder if I could convince The Mister to help me do that to one of my machines. I'll have to catch him in a good mood.
    That kitty is too much. How adorable is that. My kitties would freak out.

  2. Bling is adorable!!!

  3. Good old Bling!!! Bummer about the cranes...wish they could succeed in raising a little bird one of these years!

  4. that sewing table is great - I have one planned like that once my studio is done (maybe in this lifetime?:), because it's so much handier to have it even with the table... and the cat is hilarious! I sometimes try to put Minnie (the smaller dog) into my bike basket, but she's too frightened and escapes immediately... your cranes are really unlucky - they keep having that problem year after year?:(

  5. That's what I need -- a hole in my sewing table to drop my machine into! I'll have to show this post to WM. thanks for the inspiration.


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