Friday, April 24, 2015


 I watched down my road Thursday to watch for the Georgia visitors!
 They're here!  First thing in the morning, Will declares it is tractor time.
 David tried out his new block and tackle (pulleys) and mt.  climbing rope to conquer the Live Oak trees!  (Our belated birthday gift to the new teenager! )
 After breakfast, Will spends the rest of the morning here!
Ice cream cones for mid-morning snacks!  It's nice to sit with a cousin!

(Might I mention that having two mothers here (Marsel and me) is a wonderful way to care for children, it more than divides the work required and we more than doubles the joys!)


  1. This post brought back fond memories of my Grandmother who had a pool. I remember sitting on the side just like your little ones and years later watching my own little ones sit there. We are having a cold spell at the moment so you've got me daydreaming.

  2. This just looks wonderful. Family, fun times out side. Ice cream cones with cousin at the pool?!? Dreamy.

  3. And it looks like you had a beautiful day for the kiddos to be outside and enjoy all the fun.

  4. We've had some cooler weather in AZ lately. By the way, congrats on your new quilting machine. I almost bought the same one when I started my quilting business years ago. It's a great machine.

  5. Ah yes, sharing the load haves the work and doubles the fun!


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