Thursday, April 23, 2015

Aromas and Spikes!

There is a sweetness in the air which is incredible!  It is coming from our two Chinese Privet trees.
They are the closest we come to lilac like trees here in the south!
So many flowers are beautiful in my yard but it is rare to have a delicious aroma floating on the air;  these make up for it!
This is what the Chinese Privet tree looks like;  it is about 12' tall and has a pleasing shape.
Our roses smell wonderful, too;  the bushes are filling right in and budding like crazy.
This one is so fragrant!
The other attraction in the front yard, our Jasmine!  I can smell this from 30 feet away.
The shape is so ingenious-it is made of 5 tubes that the bees love!
The aroma is zero on this cactus bloom but it is so pretty!  The cactus usually bloom in May-this one is early!
It will soon have tons of company!
All of the aloe are blooming-isn't this cool?  All of the 'petals' are tubes.  This is the choice of humming birds.
The sago palms get a fungus down here so in the winter, Bill will cut back the leaves and then in the spring, they grow new ones-it is so interesting to see the growth in inches each day!
Yes, inches of growth daily.


  1. Beautiful flowers and plants! Great pictures. Can't wait for things to start blooming here. Our wild plum tree flowers send out the most amazing aroma, kind of peppery and sweet. Love it.

  2. I always look forward to your bloom updates. You make me want to pack up and head south!

  3. On my walk yesterday, I smelled something very sweet. I wonder if it was Chinese Privet. It was WONDERFUL.

    I'm lucky to walk pass a lot of jasmine too.

    I love the spring smells! :-)

  4. the chinese privet here only flowers sparingly - I guess it would need more warmth. and the roses are just sprouting leaves - no flowers or even buds in sight - yet! but we do have quite a few aromatic plants - gorse is one of my favourites. when the sun warms the flowers it smells like coconut with vanilla - yummeeh:) when you cycle by a row of shrubs, it's like diving into a sea of scent! no cacti here though - I'd say they'd rot with all our rain, never mind the temperatures:)
    enjoy flowers and visitors!

  5. Remind me not to visit in spring -- I'm allergic to the smell of jasmine! Everything looks pretty good though.


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