Saturday, May 16, 2015

Framed Just So

When I got my new-to-me quilting machine and frame, Bill and I carried this one out to the garage to await the visit from the McKees when we had Will for the week.  During that week, we destructed the frame and then loaded it up for its trip to Georgia for delivery to their home.  My daughter is a quilter, too, and she loves to do her quilting and now she doesn't have to wait to visit me to do it!  We have worked off and on the whole time I have been here to transform the part of the basement that has been for storage into a quilting area! 
 Both of these cats helped us all morning as we put the frame together again!  At varying times, all four of her cats paid us a visit and gave everything an inspection!
We not only got the frame set up but also loaded a baby quilt on it and the quilting has commenced!
The frame and my daughter are both smiling!  (So am I;  it is great to share with my daughter.)


  1. I have learned that EVERYTHING in the house must be approved by the cat! LOL

  2. Lucky daughter. Great space, great machine and GREAT mom! Cute kitty too.

  3. These machines are so impressive. Good mom and daughter stuff :)


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