Thursday, May 14, 2015

Old and New FO's

 We started this quilt for Abigail years ago and just put the finishing touch (the binding) on it!
 The back is very interesting, too.  We popped it right in the washer and dryer and right into A's arms!
 Last year we sewed a new porch swing seat cover and pillows from a bolt of outdoor fabric Marsel had found at a garage sale.  There was enough left to do them again this year, too!  (The hot southern sun does a great job of bleaching out fabric!)
 We had just enough to recover the cushion to this one, too, so there is now a set!
 The modified Wasabi Socks are off the needles!
The patterning is accomplished with the pattern also known as Blackberry stitch or Trinity stitch.  It gives a lot of texture and interest.  I used the self-facing finish to these shorter summer socks!  Now to decide what to cast on next?!


  1. The socks are cute and I love that quilt. The back is very cool!

  2. I could die for that porch. I love the quilt and socks. I had to put on socks and turn the heat back on this morning. This has been a crazy spring.

  3. Thank you for helping me to brighten so many of my corners! :)


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