Saturday, May 9, 2015

Picking Peas

 Well, sometimes you just don't like what you are knitting   It doesn't matter that you have wanted to knit this for years;  no, it just doesn't make you happy on any level any more.   The knitted fabric twists as part of the pattern but it looked crooked to me.  The heel was a heel flap which looks to me like armor.  I lost all patience here and ripped it ALL out to begin again.
 I cast on for a toe-up sock and went to town!  Now this is a sock to be excited about!   I am keeping the patterning from Wasabi Peas in a strip up the side of the sock...and it is nice to have a heel that is comfortable and light and just right (in my opinion)!  It is great to have a good knit on the needles again!
What a nice surprise-w e heard the ice cream truck music and ran outside and caught him for a treat!   


  1. I like plan B better, too! And our ice cream tasted even better with you here. :)

  2. I do that now all the time with sock patterns. I use the one that fits me best and just add the fancy details to that pattern.
    I have to tell you your peppermint soap is a dream. I was covered in itchy bug bites last night from carding wool out on the deck and it sorted all the itchy places out in no time.It felt so good I didn't want to get out of the tub. It might be my imagination but tonight the bugs didn't bite me at all and I'm a bug magnet. Is their magic in that recipe?

  3. Don't we ALL become kids again when we hear the ice cream truck?

    Your sock looks great with it's new modification.

  4. I had the same problem with the deluge pattern - I tried it several times and it just didn't work out. so I did my alterations - but somehow the urge to work that pattern got lost on the way. I finished them, but not with as much gusto as I had planned:) now I am going to start on "chartres" by janel laidman - I adore the looks and I hope the pattern works out well (so far all her patterns did!)

  5. Is your daughter eating the strawberry shortcake bar? My favorite! Hope your having a good time :)


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