Sunday, May 24, 2015

Volley Ball and Knitting on the Sideline!

I finished my version of the Angular Velocity socks! 
The pattern is great but the knitter had a few glitches!  Yes, I can still mess up an increase or two! lol
I knit this from KnitPicks Stroll Tonal sock yarn and the pattern is found on  . 
After church, a picnic and a game of volley ball was on the schedule!  Even Bill joined in the game-he will be sore tomorrow but he enjoyed the break from the construction project!  My daughter is in the green shirt in the foreground and my husband is in the lime green on the other team!  I am rooting for both, needless to say!
I am doing some extreme knitting on the peanut gallery...I have to finish this entrelac blanket before my grand daughter is born in a few weeks!  The pressure is on!  Time to flex the knitting muscles;  good thing they are good form!


  1. Entrelac.....sigh. One day.

    Love the socks. Again I marvel at your speed.

  2. I love the colors in the baby blanket. So, so pretty!

  3. Entrelac baby blanket=heirloom!! Cant' wait to see it.

  4. They're both sports, right?! Just different rules, that's all. :)

  5. Gorgeous yarn! I'm guessing it's Noro


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